Friday, April 15 2011

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Martha believes that empowerment is the KEY to solving poverty issues.

Martha is passionate about her country Zimbabwe.She is committed to being an ambassador for her country.This extends into creating sustainable community links between Zimbabwe and Wales.She firmly believes that we can all benefit from each other in one way or another.


Martha is committed to bringing the positive side of Africa to the world.She has helped establish a reputable Fair trade business Love Zimbabwe Community Interest Company and a registered charity Love Zimbabwe 1137434.

Through the British Council,she has created links between schools in Zimbabwe and schools in Wales.She has created a community link between Chinamhora Village and Abergavenny which is officially recognised by the Wales Council for Voluntary Organisations.


Martha teaches children in Wales African drumming and dance which fulfils the Welsh Assembly government commitment to Education For Sustainable and Global Citizenship (ESDGC).

Martha is the only  Arts and Crafts producer resident in Wales who shares her skills in making batiks with different schools,women’s groups,and social groups in Wales.

She has been working with Fair trade Wales for the past six years.She is currently the Fair trade Schools Support Officer for South Wales Schools.A project funded by the Waterloo Foundation and Fair trade Foundation.

Annual visits to Zimbabwe ensures that charitable projects are completed on time and to budget.

These visits also ensure that Fair trade producers receive financial remuneration and provides money for social premiums.

Martha is able to take correspondence,supplies and gifts/donations to Zimbabwean schools and communities.

She is creating a reciprocal network of visitors from each country to further cement links between these two different cultures.

An African Green village has been established in Zimbabwe which provides through Agriculture,a sustainable living for local people.

Martha organises the African Green Village in Abergavenny which has become an important feature of The Abergavenny Food Festival’s Fringe market.Another well known event,The Wakes World Trade Fair,has been established since 2007 which takes place annually in Brecon and Abergavenny. Both events are aimed at raising awareness about Fair trade,ethical buying,and cultural exchange.

Organisations such as The Welsh Assembly, Fairtrade Wales, The Cooperative, Oxfam Cymru, and Unltd Wales have sponsored Martha’s events in the past years.